Placemat Sales

Brother Knights,
I have gotten all the ad slicks (finally) and payments in hand for the placemat ad sale. In total we received $1100 in donations for 18 ads on this project.  I would like to see us do this again next year on a larger scale where we sell a council program book and look to sell 200 ads or $10000.  It's doable, we just need everyone to participate.  It's a great start and we will plan on expanding it as we go along.  I will be dropping off the ad copy to the Church office tomorrow per direction from our ever generous pastor; Fr. Quinn.  I made sure all copy was usable and will be able to answer any questions the printer might have.


Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of this program.  We could not have raised these funds without the hard work and dedication of the Knights who knocked on doors and asked for support.  Thank you!


Mark Barnard

Deputy Grand Knight
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